1. Born in a barn spans the gamut for all your fabrication needs. Most of our work

    2. is completely custom, so your project is not going to appear to be an off the

    3. shelf purchase.

    4. We design around your needs. Your build will be based upon use, durability, portability, ease of set up and budget. We'll give you what you need.

    5. Our capabilities with different materials is endless. Since most of our work is custom and we build what other build houses say can't be done, we work with a large circle

    6. of craftsmen and artists around the metro Atlanta area. This allows us to keep our overhead down and give you a quality build for a better price.

    7. Let us help you create your vision. Temporary, mobile, permanent or whatever

    8. you need, we can find the solution.

    9. Some of our services include, but are not limited to:

    10. Design:

    11. Let us help you refine your concept or conceptualize for you. We can supply you with 2D, 3D and dimensional drawings. Engineered drawings supplied when applicable.


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    1. Fabrication:

    2. Metal

    3. Wood

    4. Plastic

    5. Paint

    6. Water-jet

    7. CNC/CAD

    1. Technology:

    2. Audio

    3. Video

    4. Animatronics

    5. Programming

    6. App Creation

    1. Graphics:

    2. Direct to Board

    3. Cut Vinyl

    4. Vehicle Wraps

    5. Dimensional Signage

    6. Permanent/Removable